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You must wonder if there's proof in the pudding as far as whether the 4everToned fitness programs actually working for regular people like yourself who are looking to

  • Enhance Social Life (If you did not have a black book before, get one now because you will be irresistible with your new look.

  • Increase Stamina: (No longer will you be too tired to go to your children activities)

  • Jump Start Metabolism (Burn calories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

  • Better Range of Motion (Move freely as if you were a little kid again)

  • Build Self-Image (Finally you can look in the mirror and be happy with what you see)

  • Change Yourself( Set yourself free with new found confidence, and joy like never before)

And stay 4everToned

Do not take my word for it read what others had to say about training their body through the 4everToned system that helped them achieve results YOU wish for and NOW can get. These people have listed their email addresses as well to show they are REAL people. If you have questions you can contact them personally about what training with me was like.


Being in shape was never an issue for me, what was remarkable though was how Coach Geo was able to make a good body even greater, with his exclusive training programs and great nutritional tips. He helped me not only get stronger but, I actually became leaner than before. I will forever run to Geo when I need workout tips or information to improve the way I look. I cannot wait to receive my next online training workout G.

Arkeif Robinson                                                                   
Football Player/Model


In the world of entertainment having a tight figure is very important to have any success. Whenever I need to a workout routine to jump start my metabolism or to get leaner for a photo or appearance I go to Geo.  He's simply the best at getting people results no matter where they are. Thanks Geo = -)

Tina Powis


I was entering my freshman year, and needed to make sure I had a solution to the typical "freshman 15". I heard about Geovanni, but was a bit skeptical at first. I said why don't I give him a test trial and see how it works. This was a risk I never had regrets of taking, not only did I not put on weight, but he managed to get my legs tighter, and my stomach more toned in a month of work. You would be a fool to not let him help you reach YOUR goals. Online training was something I was skeptical about till he went above and beyond the line of duty and made sure I completely understood what to do. All I can say is thanks.

Kerrie Gibson

"Geovanni Derice is going to touch lives. This is a person I know and have come in contact with and he is truly passionate about changing people lives and bringing people happiness and confidence through fitness and a change in their lifestyles. I am a firm believer that if you are looking to truly and only if you are truly serious about changing your life, than do not look back now, sign up, contact him, whatever it takes do not wait, because this is the last time you will be looking at yourself with disappointment.

Azvelyn Paul


"Training with Geo was definitely a fun experience. I never thought I could workout as hard as we did and have fun at the same time. Most workout programs are boring but his is anything but that."

Nancy V.

Account Receivable


Geovanni listened to my short-term and long-term goals. He did his homework and I felt he really knew what it would take to meet my goals. He designed a customized workout for each session that varied the way my muscles were worked each time. Each session was also more advanced so I continually felt the progress even before I could see the results. The program was designed with the right combination of building muscles and burning fat to get me on the road to meeting my goals We accomplished more in ten sessions than I thought possible at the beginning. I look better, my clothes fit better, and I feel better. His encouraging words in and out of the sessions were inspiring. I'm definitely coming back for more online training sessions with guy, I'd be lost without him.

Charles Rusin



My workout before Geo was great, at least so I thought until I was introduced to Geoís principles of training. He showed me ways to improve my workout, with his detailed research and dietary analysis, innovative workout plans. I canít thank him enough for what I learned from him.

Adewale Osinowo




I was always dedicated to what I did and playing college football was one. I trained to my full potential 4x a week, but was never satisfied with my results. I was introduced to Geo by a friend and subscribe to his journal for better enhance workouts. I was able to bench 225 with more repetitions then I usually did, increased my size and speed carrying only 9 percent body fat looking better then before. Geo I greatly appreciate what you did and I look forward to my next off season workout with you.

Gamy Fils-Aime
Semi-pro football player




"What I like is that we have a group which very supportive of each other. Also we are a good size, not too big - not too small. So we get plenty of individualized attention - to make sure we are doing our exercises properly, etc.

I also like that some exercises are structured as a game, so it makes it fun and a little bit competitive. By competitive I mean, with yourself, because the only one you are really trying to do better with, is against yourself - your own performance.

Lorena M.

Camp Participant



I liked how informative Geo was with his articles and newsletters. He always found a way to make it easy to understand and also easy to follow thru.

Candace G.

College Student



Dear Geo:  
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful 
Boot Camp you administered this month.  Your dedication 
and excitement is extremely motivating.  Without your 
continued help and guidance, I would not have been able 
to accomplish the results up to this point.  The Boot Camp 
was not only a great workout, but also a lot of fun--which 
is something that I have never experienced before when it 
comes to exercising!!  I really enjoyed not only working 
with but also learning from the other members.  I would 
definitely recommend your Boot Camp to anyone who is 
interested in living a healthier lifestyle and making 
new friends all at the same time.  Thank you for helping 
me reach my goals and for being not only a great trainer,
but also my Friend!
Josephine T.
Fund Analyst

Like these people, you too can change your life and your body.  Does it take work? Absolutely. But again what do you have to lose. This is something that has been tried and proven to work.  Are you satisfied with just being mediocre or feeling anything less than your best? Take control and commit to a journey that will change the way you feel about yourself forever. Click  I Want This Too and you can be the next name added onto this page.



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