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Personal Training with 4everToned Fitness is not your ordinary personal training experience. It's important to me that you are able to get in shape and get away from all the stresses of the world. While training you will be pushed to a limit you thought was impossible before, but glad you were taken there. There will be time also to talk and just have a pair of ears listening to whatever is on your mind.  4everToned Fitness is more than six pack abs, and tight figures, it's a new way of life. If all you're interested in is someone to count your reps as you exercise, or if you are interested in the most affordable training out there, then the results you receive and the your personal training experience will directly reflect that. Below are the packages that are available to you.

Note:   All new prospects are inclined to a complimentary session. I'm so confident you will be blown away at the approach taken to get you the results you're looking for that you will become my next success story after you become a member of 4everToned Fitness.

Also no one can train less than 2 times per week. Training less than this will not get anyone the results that 4everToned Fitness is known to provide and it also shows the lack of commitment to reach your goals. We are interested in training only people who are serious about making a chance in their lives and bodies.

One on One Training:

-16 Sessions = $1120 ($70/Session)*

-24 Sessions = $1560 ($65/Session)*

- 48 Sessions = $2880 ($60/session)*

-Ultimate Training Package: 100 sessions = $5000

(*)- All sessions must be used up within 3 months.


If you have any questions about which package is best for you please check out our Frequent Asked Questions page (F.A.Q).

If you would like to set your complimentary appointment with me I may be reached at by telephone at 1(917)-892-2779 or by filling out a form (here)

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