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Fitness Pro Says Blame Rest Squarely on the Individual not McDonald's

By: Geovanni Derice, CPT, BS

With the word out that McDonald's is looking to help its self image they are adding nutrition facts on their food wrappers to help fight obesity. Fitness Pro believes the blame for obesity lies on the people and not McDonald's. And explains briefly what can be done to solve this.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) November 2, 2005 -- The display of nutrition information at Mcdonald’s is not the reason for the rise in obesity in America. In fact, Mcdonald’s is often the scapegoat to the real reason for the increase in obesity. Fitness Professional Geovanni Derice disagrees with beliefs that the display of nutrition information will have a dramatic effect on the choices people make at Mcdonald’s.

“Many Americans blame Mcdonald’s for their struggles with obesity; the true reason though for obesity is because of the lifestyles and lack of commitments by Americans to commit to their own well being.” Derice was quoted as saying. “I’m amazed at how we are quick to blame others for our own downfalls. I’m personally committed to helping those who want to help free themselves from their past lifestyle and finally kiss obesity goodbye.”

Smarter food choices, increase physical activities, planning outdoor trips are many ways to fight this problem. Americans must first understand how their lifestyles contribute to their health and find the right solution to fight the problem. Only then will they finally realize the issue of obesity begins and ends with them.

Geovanni Derice is the founder of 4everToned, which is a home based personal training business in Brooklyn, New York. During his stint as a certified personal trainer, Derice has helped many frustrated men and women achieve bodies they only dreamed of until 4everToned. For more information see http://www.4evertoned.com and receive exclusive body changing tips instantly.