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4 Quick Moves To a Fat Burning Metabolism!

By: Geovanni Derice

You've had friends who simply can eat whatever they like and never gain weight, while you often struggle to lose weight although you're eating well haven't you?

When you ask your friend how come you can eat whatever you want, their response is often the fact they have a faster metabolism which helps them burn off what they eat.

So that leads to a common question that I hear from people. How do I increase my metabolism. If you're wondering because you want to eat whatever you want, you might be on the wrong track.

A fast metabolism is great to help you with keeping your weight down and providing you with a lot of energy but should not be used as a weapon to just eat whatever you want. There are some drawbacks to some bad foods you eat and you want to keep them to a minimum.

What I can help you with though is to reveal 4 moves you can incorporate into your workout to help you increase your metabolism.

Remember when it comes to increasing your metabolism that muscle truly dictates your metabolisms. I learned this while at a seminar for gastric bypass patients.

Since muscle dictates metabolism, the 4 moves included in this article will all be muscle-building moves to help you create your very own fat burning metabolism.

Move #1: Pushups- Yes we are taking it back to your old phys ed classes with this move. The reality of it all is pushups have so many benefits. Number 1 you are able to work the muscles of the chest, your shoulders as well as your arms when you perform a pushup. Not only that but you are also about to work on your core strength when you are performing pushups.

There are many different variations you can perform but they all have the same benefits of working multiple muscle groups at once while also addressing the issue of developing core strength.

Move #2: Squat

You want to build a great body and have a fat burning metabolism, then this is a move you can't do without. When you think about the biggest muscles in the body you cannot neglect the muscles of your lower body.

People can often increase their bench presses simply by performing squats without actually benching. This speaks volumes to the value of performing a squat.

Not to mention that you are able to work on your posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, lower back) this is a move you can do without if you're going to create your fat burning metabolism.

Move #3: Deadlifting

Do not allow the name of the exercise to throw you off. You will not die from performing this lift. While it is important to learn the correct form to performing an exercise like the deadlift the benefits it bring are too good to overlook.

If you've ever wondered about what move can get your heart rate racing, while also working your glutes and hamstrings the deadlift is a big must.

But for those looking to get lean performing challenging high repetitions of this metabolism building exercise will do just the trick.

Move #4- Lunges

Jessica Biel, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna what do these women have in common? Banging bodies right?

Well one thing that their workouts always include are a few sets of lunges. They all have great legs and rears that get a lot of attention but performing
lunges really help not only shape up their legs but with lunges also requiring some form of balance, the stabilizing muscles of the legs, and your core must also be activated in order to perform the exercise correctly.

These are not the only moves you can perform to increase your metabolism and build muscle but they are definitely among the top exercises you can do.

Remember that while performing these exercises may bring you one step closer to building the body of your dreams and blowtorching away your fat, that you must also pay attention to your eating as well if you're going to create a fat burning metabolism.


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