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How You Can Become A Fitness Success Story in Less Than 17 Weeks... Tone Up, Slim Down, and Finally Kick Your Fat Loss Failures to the Curb... Once and For All!"

"Without Wasting Your Time"

A recent Study says 96% of all weight loss programs will FAIL to help even fitness buffs lose weight in today's fast paced world. Further studies reveal a gut-wrenching 95% of all pounds lost will be re-gained... at a rapid pace.

Yet, anyone in today's
fast paced world can use our "Real World Secrets" to...
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes that cause fat loss nightmares...
  • Make 2 simple changes to put your Fat Burning on "cruise-control..."
  • Toss your fat clothes out the window and into the dumpster...
  • Never worry about putting on another pound again...
  • Lose 23 - 37 pounds of fat using less than 5% of your time...
  • How to eat, drink, and play without worrying about whether you're going to 'fit' into your clothes tomorrow...


Consumer Reports Magazine reveals 8,000 member study:

The unbiased article, "The Truth About Dieting" (June 2002), says people who were most successful at weight loss "did not involve themselves with Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or any other organization." Instead, the researchers found that...


"If any one thing made a difference for them, it 

was one-on-one counseling from a professional such as a
psychologist, nutritionist or personal trainer..." (p. 27)

Think about that, if  any one thing made a difference it was one-on-one counseling from a professional such as a psychologist, nutritionist or personal trainer...

At 4everToned Fitness we specialize in working with three types of people:

1Fitness Enthusiasts who are tired of feeling ashamed of their bodies.

1Fitness Enthusiasts who are looking to drop fat and feel beautiful and sexy all over again.

1Fitness Enthusiasts looking to get in shape in the comfort of their own home.


This is what we can do for you:

       Help design a workout program you can actually follow that will guarantee results.

       Improve your endurance.

       Increase your flexibility.

       Lose pounds of ugly disgusting fat.

      Discover the secrets behind TRUE fitness success

       Discover what every single fitness program lacks.

       Make the most of your workout time.

       Feel Beautiful.

       Increase Your Self-Esteem

       Build more confidence than you've ever had before

       Develop the championship mindset necessary to achieve all your fitness goals.

       Live in the body of your dreams.

       How you can inspire your friends and family to help you lose weight.

       And much more!!!


I am 100% dedicated to my clients and customers success. Please feel free to contact me at 917-892-2779 or at to find out more on how you can achieve the body of your ultimate dream.

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 -Losing Weight

-Dropping pounds of unwanted fat

-Living a happier life

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